Scarlett Johansson on Captain America: The Winter Soldier behind the scenes.

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power and control, i’m gonna make you fall

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“This is a classic tale of female betrayal,” the 27-year-old starlet told the Daily News. “I feel all women who have been wronged can relate to that because you feel so foolish, so silly for falling for it. People come up to me and go, ‘I can’t believe you got Jon Snow with three arrows!’ Are you joking? Of course she did. He betrayed her. I fully back (my character) Ygritte for those actions, 100 percent.” — Rose Leslie for New York Daily News, April 2014 (x)

”Oh, French. The whole fluidity-of-sexuality thing is sexy. Men being able to admit, “Oh, that’s an attractive guy.” Also, they’re great dressers, and it’s not considered metrosexual. It’s considered just dressing. That’s a really cool thing, I think, when you find guys that take pride in what they look like.” - On preferences in terms of the men of the world.

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